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Kalika Temple in Reasi

Kalika Temple in Reasi

The Kalika Temple or the “Maha Kali Temple” is the most renowned temple which is situated in the Reasi town of J&K. Located at the central point of the main city the temple is positioned on a hilltop. The temple is just a stone’s throw away from the Reasi bus stop.  The temple is thronged by bountiful devotees during the Navratri festival. In the building and preservation of this magnificent temple a lot of contributions have been made by the locals of Reasi.  The residents of the town also show great enthusiasm in participating in the temple progress. Moreover, it is only because of their active participation that has made this temple so prominent in this area and hence it is flocked by a plethora of pilgrims every year.

History of the Kalika Temple

The spiritual and divine power of Goddess Kali entices all and sundry. The Kalika Temple which houses the most powerful deity “Maha Kali” was constructed about 300 years back. It is said that Goddess Kali appeared in the dreams of Pt. Jagat Ram Sharma. In his dream he also saw a Pindi(or stone) which indicated the existence of Goddess Kali. Later, the stone was found under a hill through an excavation.  Thereafter, a temple was constructed on the top of this hill and was named as the “Kalika Temple”. The temple authority appointed Pt. Jagat Ram to be the caretaker of this temple. 

The Kalika Temple during Festivities

The rich culture of Reasi is reflected in the various festivals celebrated throughout the year. During the festival of Makar Sankranti the Kalika Temple is bedecked beautifully which gives it a vibrant and festive look. Chajja dance is organized during this exceptional event. Boys perform dances and proceed in the form of a lovely procession on the streets of Reasi town. The town witnesses a huge flood of visitors during this time.

Baisakhi is also celebrated with great zest in the Maha Kali Temple and to commemorate this event various dances are performed.  Thus, these vibrant festivals attract an abundance of tourists every year to J&K and during this time people flock the Kalika Temple to seek blessings of the Goddess Kali.

The Rituals and Pujas performed in the Kalika Temple

Amavasya and Purnima are the main days when rituals and pujas are performed in this temple. Kalika Temple witnesses various rituals which are of the essence in the Hinduism. On every Purnima( or full moon day) the Hindu devotees come to the Kalika temple and perform numerous rituals. People fast on this auspicious day and pay homage to Goddess Kali. After offering the evening prayers to Maha Kali and catching the sight of the full moon, the devotees break their fasts and take food. Similarly on Amavasya, as per the Hindu customs, special rituals and pujas take place in the Kalika Temple.

Best Time to Visit the Kalika Temple

The best time to visit this temple is the summer season. The summer time is quite pleasant and soothing and thus a majority of tourists prefer this time to visit this temple in Jammu & Kashmir.  Winters are not at all advisable for the visitors. Spring time is also good for visiting the place since an extensive range of flora and fauna can be witnessed during this time. The scenic backdrop of the place also makes it alluring to everyone to visit the Kalika Temple whenever they hit this place.

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